Candidate #23

Votes cast: 237

Jennifer Lynn Adams


Jennifer is a global leader and advocates for people with extra abilities to have dignity and equal opportunities to live a whole life. Jennifer prefers using the term extra-ability: A person who has adapted to overcome physical, mental or circumstantial limitations and therefore forged strength and more excellent abilities within themselves. She communicates a message of inclusion and adaptability that is relevant and life-changing to everyone through innovation, her personal story and life experiences. Jennifer was born and raised in Washington State in the United States of America. Born with partial limbs, she has struggled with the limitations that come with her extra-ability. That didn't stop her! In 2011 Jennifer started a motivational speaking business, SHIFT: Motivation Beyond Limitations.

From her personal experiences with bullying, her first pro-inclusion campaign was The Power of Words– an anti-bullying campaign designed for schools. It demonstrates to students the power behind words and how they affect their peers and themselves. Jennifer continues to share this message today. In 2013, through adaptability and innovation, she became Ms Wheelchair Washington 2013. Jennifer competed in the Ms Wheelchair America Pageant and won the title of Ms Wheelchair America in 2014. Her platform of the Inclusion Revolution advocated for the inclusion of people with extra-abilities in all facets of society. In 2015, Jennifer moved to Miami, Florida and founded her non-profit Making Dreams Come True, which provides adventure and life resources for people with extra abilities that have a dream to ski, surf, and dance. There are no limits! In 2016, Jennifer won an award for her Power of Words campaign through the Miami Dade school district, recognising her accomplishments of reaching youth all over the United States of America with this campaign. She is a guest speaker for universities, schools, businesses and conferences all over the United States of America. She provides consulting services for individuals, families and businesses. She is a singer/songwriter, dancer, performer and adaptive athlete! She showcases her athleticism and artistry through partnerships with adaptive sports and integrated dance programs nationwide.