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Beata Jałocha


In 2013, I had to face something that subconsciously scared me the most. When, as a result of an accident, a suicidal person fell on me, life put me on the other side of the mirror, switching places with patients with whom I had previously worked alone in a rehabilitation office. What happened to me could happen to any of you. As a result of a strange coincidence, I found myself in the wrong place at the wrong time. Four years ago, it seemed that I had lost everything in one moment. As a result of the accident, my spinal cord is completely severed. Despite this, I am rising step by step, looking for new challenges and fighting for myself. And when you look closely at me, you will see an ordinary girl with dreams like all of you, only now some are much harder to realise. Gliding course, TEDx speech as a speaker, skydiving, balloon flights, and participation in Miss Wheelchair Poland 2014, where I won the title of the first vice-miss, show how much self-denial and consistency there are in the attempts and challenges that are milestones in building a new life. I want to show how difficult experiences can be slowly but systematically turned into strength, motivation and values ​​that can help others in the future.